About Windy Hill, SC

windyhill3Anyone that is familiar with Windy Hill can tell you that it has a spirit all its own. One that is different from the rest of North Myrtle Beach. From its quiet neighborhoods with live oak lined streets to the beaches that have a more relaxed feel from the rest of the Grand strand. There is no mistake Windy Hill is a special place.

The richness of the history that envelopes Windy Hill is a romantic reminder of times passed when everyday living was simpler. People took pleasure strolling down the beach watching the sunset over the swash, or going surf fishing, cooling off and having a picnic underneath one of the many live oak trees that are hundreds of years old.

A salty dip in the ocean was a great way to finish the day while sipping on a cool glass of sweet tea.

windyhillgeorge-washingtonIn 1737 William Gause received a land grant from the crown for 400 acres of land in Windy Hill which was then known as Prince George’s Parish. William Gause opened an Inn on White point swash around 1740. The swash includes present day barefoot landing and extends to the ocean. He may have been one of the earliest Inn keepers on the Grand Strand.

bbwindyhillIn 1791 George Washington traveled Kings Highway and stayed for a night at the inn. Some have even said while standing on top of one of the enormous sand dunes George Washington said “this is a windy hill”, inspiring its present name.

Legend has it during the days of swashbucklers and pirates, Blackbeard used the swash as a layover on his way to Charleston in the early 1700’s. Possibly hiding treasure in the area. Imagining what actually happened paints a vivid picture filled with mystery.

windy-hill-aerial-photography-jack-thompsonDuring the civil war years the area was filled with salt production and fisheries. The ocean was a way for people to make a living back in the 1800’s and even still today as we see the fishing industry is thriving here on the grand strand.

The building of developments in Windy Hill started back in 1930. But it wasn’t until 1947 that development on a larger scale started with the formation of the Windy Hill Beach Corporation by a group of businessmen.

The great dune that attracted people was a favorite picnic spot for those remembering George Washington’s visit to the area.