Single Family Homes

single-family-homes-windy-hill-scSingle family homes in Windy Hill and Barefoot Resort allow you to keep to the style of the traditional home while taking advantage of everything the area has to offer.

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Whether you’re looking for a main home, vacation home, or a property to rent out, let an experienced real estate agent walk you through the process and find a great home for your family.

Single Family Homes for Sale

Single family homes include space for lawns and gardens, giving kids a place to play and an area for you to entertain guests or just enjoy the sun. Lawns are an effective buffer between you and the next house, so there’s less noise pollution than in a condo, where different units share walls.

There’s plenty of oceanfront and beachfront single family homes for sale in Windy Hill, North Myrtle Beach and Barefoot Resort. Enjoy the ocean from your porch or out your window, or stroll along the sand that’s just beyond your door.

Single family home listings include a nearly infinite number of possibilities. In-ground pool? We have plenty. Spacious garages? Absolutely. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Sky’s the limit. Want a decked out patio? We’ll help you find one.

Real Estate Agents Save Time and Money
Home buying is a monumental task. A Realtor can single out the most likely homes for you to inspect. Then, as you get closer to a decision, I know the kind of questions that need to be asked. How old is the roof? How old are the appliances? Has there been any significant damage, and, if so, is there paperwork on the repairs?

The seller’s real estate agent may seem helpful, but his job is to sell the house for as much money as possible, as soon as possible. You need someone knowledgeable representing you.

Finally, there will be mountains of paperwork to finalize a sale. Let me walk you though the process and make sure you’re getting the perfect single family home for your family.

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